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The Most Obsessive Things Fans Have Done To Show Their Devotion

The Most Obsessive Things Fans Have Done To Show Their Devotion

Celebrities, they’re identical to us! Properly, type of. Typically. Not likely. Whereas they need the same stuff as the remainder of us do — cash, mansions, and tons of French fries (right?) — their lives grow to be utterly totally different the second they snag their first magazine cowl and earn tens of millions of followers.

Amongst those hundreds of thousands of followers are some much more dedicated to the celeb than others. We’re speaking tremendous, super followers, those prepared to have fun their favourite actors and artists with incredibly…fascinating…acts of affection. What these fanatics did for their Hollywood idols reached never-before-seen levels!

1. Beyoncé: Reverend Yolanda Norton from San Francisco dedicated an entire mass to worshiping Queen Bee. We all call Beyoncé a goddess, however this reverend may’ve taken that too literally!

2. Taylor Swift: A couple devoted their complete corn area to Taylor Swift. It might not have been a swift job, nevertheless it positive is corny (sorry). Will Taylor write a track about this subject when it, too, inevitably moves on from her?

three. Superman: Hitting the health club gained’t get you X-ray imaginative and prescient and flight capabilities, but then once more, neither will tons of plastic surgery. Don’t inform that to Herbert Chavez, who went underneath the knife to appear to be his superhero idol.

four. Tom Felton: The Harry Potter star stated an American man tried to adopt him. He despatched the Draco Malfoy actor a binder of accomplished adoption paperwork, requesting his signature to get the ball rolling on the method.

5. Justin Bieber: We’ve all needed to be like a star sooner or later in our lives, however Tobias Strebel spent tons of of hundreds to truly seem like his fave. Can you notice the difference between him and the Biebz?

6. Justin Bieber (once more!): When he did a TV interview and disliked his water bottle, a fan snagged it and bought it to a good greater fan who bought it for a mere $624. What a steal.

7. Harry Types: We don’t know which followers went more durable, Beliebers or Directioners, but this Harry Types fan definitely scored some factors when she tried to marry a cardboard cutout of her favorite 1D member.

8. Jared Leto: Move over, Vincent Van Gogh, there’s a brand new individual slicing off their own ear in town, they usually’re an enormous fan of Jared Leto. They sent their ear to the actor, who made a necklace out of it. What.

9. Miley Cyrus: This 40-year-old British fan’s devotion to Miley Cyrus is sort of permanent. He has over 30 tattoos dedicated to the lady whom he claims “acquired him via a troublesome divorce.”

10. Kanye West: While tattoos and marriages to cutouts are fairly daring moves, changing your identify may trump it all. Previously often known as Linda Resa, a superfan modified her identify to Mrs. Kanye West.

11. Ricky Martin: You understand how crawling via ceiling vents only works in films? A fan of Ricky Martin’s found this out the arduous means when he fell proper into his lodge room. To make things worse/higher: Ricky was sporting his birthday go well with!

12. The Kardashians: You possibly can describe this hair minimize many various methods. A type of ways can be “spectacular.” Barber Rob The Unique created this head of 5 Kardashian/Jenner sisters.

13. Ashley Tisdale: Twitter is an excellent platform for celebs to interact with their fans and vice versa, however when someone tweeted at Ashley Tisdale more than 18,000 occasions, it turned a bit a lot. That’s retraining order material.

14. Woman Gaga: When your favorite pop star invites you on stage to sing together with her, perhaps just be thankful and don’t snag the mic away from her in the midst of her music!

15. Jessie J: Don’t worry, a fan didn’t break Jessie J’s leg. As an alternative, the fan broke her personal leg to be exactly like Jessie after the singer had an accident. Now individuals just want Jessie “good luck” before she goes on stage.

16. Avril Lavigne: When requested what the weirdest thing a fan ever sent her was, the pop star didn’t hesitate when she proclaimed, “in all probability the lifeless rabbit I acquired despatched in Japan.”

17. Norman Reedus: This Strolling Lifeless actor is used to hoards of zombies, however he was still shocked when a fan despatched him her breast implant. Think about opening the package deal holding that.

18. Drake: In a career-limiting move, a Drake super fan had his identify tattooed throughout her brow. That the artist truly fulfilled her request made Drake mad, so he went to the shop and confronted him.

19. Taecyeon: Okay-Pop is all of the hype, and for good cause. But one fan took it a bit too far when she wrote singer Taecyeon a letter utilizing her own menstrual blood. You simply can’t someone a bloody letter! Period.

20. Jodie Foster: How a lot would you need to love a celeb to kill for them? John Hinkley was obsessed with Jodie Foster, so he tried to kill presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan for her. Seems…uncalled for.

When obsessed followers meet their idols in public, some press for the much-treasured selfie. Celebs aren’t all the time up for these, and it could actually present. Samuel L. Jackson appeared slightly confused that this random man ran as much as snap a selfie with him!

mobyrich / Reddit

2. Rihanna: Let’s face it — Riri is likely one of the world’s hottest singers, so the chance to snap a photo together with her can be extremely exciting for anyone. Sadly, Rihanna can’t say the same. Depart her alone!


three. Nicolas Cage: It’s all the time disagreeable as a celeb to have individuals interrupt your meal for an image… until that individual is legendary too. In this photograph, he seems utterly unaware that big-time DJ Deadmau5 is making an attempt to pose with him.


four. Nicolas Cage: Right here’s Nicolas Cage again, however this time on an airplane! He appears equally as confused in this fan photograph, which begs the question: “Is there ever a moment the place he doesn’t look like he’s coming off of a week-long social gathering bender?”


5. Ryan Gosling: Typically even celebrities are starstruck once they see their favorite actors and actresses in actual life. In this image, Sophie Turner of Recreation of Thrones is in awe that she’s sitting so close to heartthrob Ryan Gosling at an awards present.

sophiet / Instagram

6. Kanye West: Rapper Kanye West is understood for his outrageous public antics just as a lot as he’s recognized for his music. In accordance with this image, one thing he isn’t recognized for is feeling thrilled when fans want footage.

relatablequote / Twitter

7. Morgan Freeman: Speak about getting nervous earlier than you meet your favorite film star! Hopefully Morgan Freeman didn’t attempt to give any goodbye hugs to this fan after the picture was snapped. You don’t want the man with the best narrating voice of all time understanding how sweaty you’re!

loosegravel2 / Reddit

8. Tom Holland: The star of the Spiderman films figured this picture with a feminine fan would look greatest in the event that they have been both blasting pretend webs out of their wrists. The woman, nevertheless, seems like she’s far more into the gesture than the actor.

Tom Holland / Instagram

9. Adam Sandler: This Reddit consumer apparently posted online about his resemblance to Adam Sandler. During one in every of his movie premieres, Sandler spotted his doppelgänger and pulled him apart for a photograph. Do you see the resemblance?

therealmaxkessler / Reddit

10. Queen Elizabeth II: Speak concerning the photobomb of a lifetime! These two younger women have been taking a selfie when none aside from the Queen of England determined to pop into the background. She seems very happy with herself!

jaydetaylor / Instagram

11. Daniel Radcliffe: This fan was apparently hanging out in front of a Broadway present when Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe approached the whole group, grabbed her cellular phone, and took a selfie she gained’t overlook.

Dave_Versus_Volcano / Reddit

12. Prince William: These two young lads have quite the story to inform for the rest of their lives because of this picture. Prince William just happened to be in the space, they usually caught him on digital camera at exactly the suitable moment.

Jack Raspin / Twitter

13. Ed Sheeran: It’s not fairly clear whether the person within the background photobombed the picture of musician Ed Sheeran and this hawk, or if the hawk swooped in for his personal epic photobomb. Either method, that’s one fortunate animal.

teddysphotos / Instagram

14. Benedict Cumberbatch: These fans couldn’t be extra thrilled to have a selfie taken with none aside from Sherlock Holmes himself, Benedict Cumberbatch. They could need to play it cool, though; they appear somewhat too excited!

Mixfmlebanon / Twitter

15. Recreation of Thrones forged: Snapping a selfie with one movie star is cause sufficient to like life, however to get seven in a single shot? That’s almost a miracle. This lady will have the ability to brag endlessly concerning the day the Recreation of Thrones forged—together with the A Music of Ice and Hearth writer himself, George R. R. Martin—posed for an image together with her.

iBleeedorange / Reddit

16. Robert Pattinson: Actor Robert Pattinson is not any stranger to taking selfies with fans, however in this photograph, it seems like he’s the one one that’s truly ready for the picture. No less than someone was camera-ready!


17. Tom Hanks: Hollywood heavy-hitter Tom Hanks is beloved by tens of millions around the globe, and this picture is just of the the reason why. As an alternative of shying away from this exhausted fan, Hanks manufactured from probably the most of it with a hilarious image.

groucho29 / Reddit

18. Beyonce: Beyonce is among the largest celebrities immediately, and her reputation might probably get her a move if she wasn’t super friendly with followers. Nevertheless, it’s superior to know she is cool with them, and this funny-faced selfie proves it!

MarchMadnessisMe / Reddit