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Interesting Practices In Other Cultures That Would Surprise Americans

Interesting Practices In Other Cultures That Would Surprise Americans

When you consider it, the president pardoning a turkey, Black Friday, and Groundhogs Day are sort of unusual, proper? People have some weird traditions, however the fact is that each nation has customs that depart foreigners scratching their heads.

With slightly effort, although, studying concerning the pleasant quirks of every tradition might help us perceive each other even higher. Taking a while to interact with these 10 unprecedented traditions and practices of nations around the globe may simply be step one in bringing us all nearer collectively…

1. Tree Marriages – India: Evaluating star charts on a primary date is a enjoyable interest within the states, however in India, conventional astrology is regarded with far more significance.

In response to Hindu beliefs, individuals born underneath the robust affect of Mars, or manglik, aren’t fitted to completely satisfied marriages. That’s an enormous deal for a lady born together with her sign up Mars. However what do timber should do with it?

Rasik Maru / Flickr

As a result of manglik ladies face a extra complicated problem pursuing marriage — it’s believed they negatively have an effect on the well being of their husbands — they need to first marry, you guessed it, timber.


This waves the manglik curse, and after the ceremony is over, the tree is minimize, burned, and the ladies are capable of marry freely. It’s not precisely sort to the surroundings, however hey, there’s one much less spinster on the earth! 

2. Orange Fights – Italy: You’d doubtless encounter a meals battle in a highschool cafeteria, however not anyplace else…until you’re in Italy for the Carnevale di Ivrea. Be careful for an orange to the face!

Annually the normal battle of oranges wages on, and 350 tons of the fruit are mercilessly destroyed. However, why is that this unusual apply carried out yearly?

East Information

Historians attribute the Three-day battle as a logo of rebel towards a 12th-century tyrant. Legends say a woman named Violetta was being taken by the tyrant however she fought again, and he was killed.

Guards tried to arrest her, however residents saved her by pelting them with stones. Oranges symbolize stones, thank goodness, however nonetheless, issues get raucous at this one-of-a-kind gathering. 

Andrea Daddi / Flickr

Three. Preventing Cholitas – Bolivia: Consider an American feminine wrestler and a few typical pictures come to thoughts: spandex, large muscle tissue, and scant clothes. These clothes, in fact, are a part of their efficiency.


However feminine wrestlers exist in different nations, too, the place they rock their very own distinctive types and charisma. The Bolivian Preventing Cholitas of the Titans of the Ring use contradiction as their gimmick.

Grady C Mitchell

Clad in conventional petticoats, daring coloured shawls, and bowler hats, these indigenous gals battle it out within the ring. It began in 2001 when declining ticket gross sales gave the Titans supervisor, Juan Mamani, an concept… 

He determined to recruit unconventional wrestlers. They aren’t skilled athletes — they usually nonetheless stability day jobs — however that doesn’t cease them from moving into the squared circle and kicking some butt.

World Nomads

four. Voting Fines – Australia: “Don’t boo. Vote!” As former President Obama chided over the past election, People typically have hassle truly attending to the polls. That’s not as big an issue in different nations…

Residents in Australia, as an example, aren’t afforded the chance to cop out on their civic duties and keep house one election day. There, not voting leads to fines!

Inside Story

The penalty isn’t big — in Australia, it’s $26 — nevertheless it’s sufficient to incentivize eligible residents to flex their rights. It might appear unusual, nevertheless it forces individuals to make use of their voices. They will all the time write in a cheeky candidate suggestion in the event that they’re cheesed off.


5. Quick Meals Parts – Philippines: You thought tremendous sized was massive? Nicely it’s a puny joke in comparison with the heaping parts you possibly can order at a Filipino McDonald’s. 

Mugtown10 / Instagram

The Filipino slang time period barkada refers to an off-the-cuff assembly of pals the place you share meals. Snacking with buds is a common pastime, however the Philippines cuts out the drive by way of squabble of who’s getting what with their shareable sizes. 

Claude Corpuz / Flickr

6. Kumari Goddesses – Nepal: Little women typically dream of being princesses, however in different elements of the world, they get to be goddesses! The Kumari, or dwelling goddess, of Nepal are younger women believed to be manifestations of divine feminine power.

Public Radio Worldwide

Alternatives are made by Hindu monks and astrologists who select a woman among the many Shakya caste to bear a collection of strict rituals to show her incarnation. If she passes, she’s whisked off to a palace and worshiped till she comes of age and returns to regular life.


7. Banana Leaf Plates – Indonesia: Although a family-style meal in America doesn’t contain sharing the identical plate, in lots of different nations, cutlery and dishes are pointless obstacles. They eat off banana leaves.

Warta Bromo

Botram immediately interprets as “consuming collectively,” and the Sudanese customized eschews etiquette to get proper to the great things — the meals! Consuming together with your palms off the identical floor places everybody on the identical degree, regardless of your social standing. 

Tribun Journey

eight. TV Licenses – United Kingdom: Different nations regulate tv and radio alerts by way of the federal government, and chopping corners leads to huge fines. Within the UK, every family pays £150.50 per yr license payment to entry TV, radio, and the web.

Information Locker

For those who attempt to dodge the system, brokers from the Enforcement Division might present up in your doorstep and bust your operation. They will even get search warrants! The payment goes on to funding the providers offered, so regardless that it’s a little bit of a hassle, it gained’t be lining the pockets of a cable firm government.


9. Bagged Milk – Canada: Again within the 1970s, Canada transitioned to plastic, non-resealable luggage to retailer milk, as glass storage turned too pricey. Ever because the drink has resembled a sinister water balloon. However, there are different benefits to bagged dairy than simply of the comedic selection…


When Canada transitioned to the metric system, redesigning plastic jugs and paper cartons was a headache. Resizing plastic “milk bladders,” as they’re jokingly referred to, was a easy repair! The con is the luggage should be positioned in pitchers as soon as opened. Nonetheless, milk luggage have been round for over 50 years and are nonetheless wobbling robust!


10. East Asian Age Reckoning – South Korea:  On this nation, the getting older system begins at 1 yr previous quite than zero. A new child child is 1 sal, which is their conventional ageing unit. However earlier than you throw the cake away you bought on your South Korean pal’s bday, don’t worry, birthdays exist.


You add a yr to your age on the Lunar New Yr. So, an individual might have a December 30th date of delivery and add one other yr to their age just a few days later. Most individuals nonetheless have fun their particular person birthdays although. They only get double the social gathering alternative on their sal day!


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