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GDC 2019: DONTNOD Talks Life is Strange Setting, Soundtrack, Episode 3

Life Is Strange 2

With GDC 2019 hosting some of gaming’s most outstanding figures, Hardcore Gamer had the privilege to satisfy with the group behind DONTNOD’s Life is Unusual. Coming scorching on the heels of detailing details about Life is Unusual 2 Episode Three: Wasteland, we mentioned the past, present and way forward for Life is Unusual. The title made its debut back in 2015 with the first installment following a gaggle of teenagers in a high school setting. When our protagonist, Max, figures out she will flip back time, it turns into a race towards the clock to unravel the mystery haunting her town.

After the debut of Life is Strange: Before the Storm and The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, DONTNOD is again again with a brand new journey in Life is Strange 2. We comply with the story of two brothers, Sean and Daniel, in their coming of age experiences. After being concerned in an accident which left both a police officer and their father lifeless, Sean and Daniel discover themselves as fugitives on the run to their father’s residence town in Mexico. Life is Strange 2 is about to obtain its third episode on Might 9 that follows the brothers into new and dangerous territory. We sat down with Raoul Barbet (Co-Recreation Director & Co-Creator) and Luc Bagadhoust (Lead Producer) at GDC to discuss the past, current and way forward for Life is Unusual. Word that whereas each Barbet and Bagadhoust have been current, Barbet answered all questions.

[Hardcore Gamer] Thank you so much for having me, that is wonderful to have the ability to speak, I simply saw the press launch for Episode 3 coming out for Life is Strange 2! It appears like we’re going to continue to see the brothers (Sean and Daniel) evolve, so that’s going to be awesome. What made you need to transfer away from the primary Life is Strange and give attention to two siblings versus highschool youngsters in a social state of affairs like that? Because it’s a very totally different story from the primary one.

Raoul Barbet (RB): I feel the answer is in your questions, we needed to do one thing totally different. For the group, for us and for the players, we had a whole lot of discussion with Square Enix about that to think about what is absolutely “Life is Strange.” We expect it’s more about characters than stories, and so we needed to maneuver on and speak about different themes and deal with different subjects.

Sure, you do deal with quite a couple of totally different subjects. Some would even say Life is Unusual 2 is a bit more political than the earlier works, just since you do type of touch upon American politics which are at present ongoing. What was the decision behind that course?

[RB] Yeah lots of players say that the second Life is Strange is more political. I don’t assume a lot it’s such a case, for me the first one, we have been talking about plenty of totally different subjects within the first one due to the setting. It was high school, it was youngsters, I might say the difficulties you possibly can have as a young person akin to: harassment, melancholy, household issues. So I feel it depends upon the story, it’s because of the story and the characters that we additionally cope with some topics. So here, we needed first to talk about schooling which is a primary subject for the second season. That’s why we begin to put in writing this story of the brothers and what it means to deal with somebody. Yeah, the fact that the topic in mention is a part of the story, but we haven’t created the story to talk about that subject. It’s as a result of our story takes place in our world, in a sensible society. So not talking a few topic would for us have been a problem, but I feel there are varieties of things and subjects you’ve gotten in Europe. In fact in France we’ve got the topic of immigration, and is the case of Europe. Yeah, it’s as a result of the story is happening in america we speak about it, it’s one thing that impacts basic trendy societies, so it’s fascinating to place the player in a state of affairs the place you possibly can give it some thought and make your personal opinion about it.

I sometimes notice that, a minimum of here in the USA, there’s sort of…I don’t need to say an entire aversion, but there’s some hesitance to talking about politics in video games. And it’s not even, like you just described, it’s not essentially politics, it’s just real issues that happen.

[RB] Ah, yeah.

So I feel what you’re doing right here with that is normalizing totally different identities. That’s what I appreciated concerning the first one, there were a whole lot of totally different subjects about mental health and going around in a faculty setting as a youngster dealing with these adolescent troubles. So on this one [Life is Strange 2] is more about household. Is there anything you possibly can tell us specifically about Episode Three and what it means for the brothers and what challenges they will face?

[RB] Yeah, a bit! So I will say I really love this one (laughs). I feel the third episode was my most popular personally. Engaged on the second episode was really cool, but I feel this one will please plenty of players because of the themes we speak about, the setting and the difficulties we’ll face for positive. It’s not so much info, we don’t need to give an excessive amount of away…you’ll see.

That’s okay! I like understanding it’s your favourite! So, we see them on this escape path to Mexico and we’ll see extra of that in Episode 3. Why Mexico, though? What made that their destination? What was the inspiration behind that?

[RB] Hm. That may be a good question, I feel the thought once we first started the first episode, the primary episode we start like a basic — I gained’t say a basic Life is Strange recreation, but greater than the one we knew. So, the primary one you’re a young person, you have an interest in events and meeting pals and stuff. And we needed to break out of that to point out that we’re going to tell one other story. So there’s this terrible incident coming in, with the dying of the father, as a result of we needed to talk about schooling and the best way you deal with another person; like a toddler, little brother, little sister. We needed to place our characters within the mild like this to also have the ability to speak about totally different individuals typically dwelling typically on the margins of society, or who determined to reside in a different way. So that’s why we in a short time needed to have this street journey facet, and naturally giving them a Mexican father was a great way to convey them everywhere in the West coast states and speaking about fascinating themes. And we also needed to have slightly totally different story parts and totally different settings, so it allowed us to talk about one other topic by doing that. I feel there are a number of totally different reasons once we brainstorm, what are the core the reason why we need to create this recreation. We also think about what can be fascinating for the artist, additionally, what can be the fascinating facet of the setting. So, all this together brings the final story and the final themes. I feel it was numerous brainstorming that led us to the story and to the Mexico destination.

Sure, absolutely. And also you converse of the settings, the settings are very lovely. Did you truly go on website to bodily take a look at those pure parts? They plan to enter the redwood forests, was that one thing you truly visited so that you can take a look at it for the sport?

[RB] Yeah, actually with Michel (Koch), the opposite co-director with me, we rented a automotive and made exactly the identical journey because the brothers.

Oh wow, so it becomes even slightly extra personal for you.

[RB] (enthusiastically) Yeah, yeah! Whenever you create a recreation in an even more lifelike setting, you must have a whole lot of research. So the surroundings group could be very gifted, as you stated, they do a variety of analysis on the web and Google Maps, and so forth. But I feel what is absolutely cool is to deliver some unique photographs, videos and even document sound. Feel what it’s to see a huge tree compared to a small one from the desert. This is the type of stuff it’s a must to really feel it to be able to recognize. So Michel, who can also be director with me, but in addition artwork director, it was giving him loads of perception in the way it has to look in 3D. So it’s necessary to have the ability to do this. Also, we interviewed lots of people. So every hitchhiker we met, we mentioned with them what it was wish to be on the street.

Life Is Strange 2
So accumulating totally different perspectives in the area to really convey that state of affairs, that setting to life. So there was loads of research for this recreation.

[RB] Yeah, the primary Life is Unusual, that was already the case, nevertheless it was — not simpler — was simply Oregon and high school, so we found loads of stuff on the web. But, yeah the thought was that we need to really feel the sound, the light, that type of stuff.

And with those settings, that ambiance, how did you determine to assemble the soundtrack and sound design?

[RB] The music is restricted as a result of it’s a mix of Ska and unique tracks. So I’m the music supervisor for the games, so I work with the composer,Jonathan, we determined to create numerous themes comparable to moments of the street journey or the characters you meet. For example: you will have a theme before the incident, you will have a theme for when the brothers are within the woods, you got a theme when the brothers are alone. We determined shortly to create all those totally different themes to have the ability to accompany the player through the street journey and see the evolution of Daniel. So there’s far more ska music and opposite that, you could have unique tracks. So we now have Three-Four titles per episode, it will depend on the wants and the emotions. We use them, for example, you’ve seen in episode 2 once they stroll, to provide the feeling to the player that time is passing. It’s troublesome in a recreation to make the participant really feel like they are on a journey, so these sorts of cine-graphic moments with music tracks on prime of it helps. After, we’ve got tracks linked to characters, like Cassidy out there when she’s enjoying or Brody in the first episode in the automotive. These sorts of moments, you possibly can add one thing to the characters utilizing the tracks.

There are very emotional tracks within the recreation, particularly during a few of those essential scenes. By means of the music, you can too really feel the themes. Did you do any analysis with the music, or you knew, “I needed to do Ska”?

[RB] Ah, no. It’s a very long process. I had a chat yesterday about that (GDC Panel), we had a chat with Sebastien Gaillard, who’s the audio director on Life is Unusual. We defined how we combined these tracks with ska. But yeah, in a short time, it’s an extended, long course of. I’ve an enormous file filled with a whole lot of titles, where I take notes concerning the feeling once I take heed to it. The bit of the music, the rationale, the lyrics, and the story behind the music and the artist. I feel it’s essential, additionally, to know where the music is coming from. And after listening, it is determined by what you need to make the participant feel. For instance, having (the band) Phoenix at the start of Episode 1 is more in the direction of this festive environment and this teenager feeling because you already know, after you’re going to break out of that. So we have now something after from Whitney, which is far more indie people with a nostalgic feeling. For Captain Spirit, for example, the lyrics are essential as a result of it’s a title from Sufjan Stevens, and the complete album is concerning the demise of his mom. So if you now the story of Chris, it resonates with the entire story. We put the the refrain of the track only in a selected second, as a result of this is the only second in the track when he talks about his mother. So it’s a type of combine about being careful concerning the rhythm, the melody, but in addition the lyrics. It’s an extended course of, nevertheless it’s actually cool as a result of I feel when it works, it actually provides one thing more to the sequences and the emotion.

Life Is Strange 2
Properly I feel it was so well-thought out, because the best way the soundtrack was constructed, you possibly can even — even should you’re not enjoying and also you’re simply listening — you possibly can see all of those moments occurring in your head. At the very least that’s how I really feel once I take heed to the music aside from enjoying the sport.

[RB] Yeah, the music from Jonathan is basically impressive and I’m actually completely satisfied to, again, work with him on the second season because I feel he has made an unimaginable theme.

For the music, was that comparable course of as the first recreation, or was this a totally new process?

[RB] Yeah, I feel the primary recreation, the themes have been more concerning the characters and the setting. For instance, we now have a scene for the compass, the theme for Max’s bed room, a theme for Chloe, one for Rachel. So it was simpler. We really have to think about the setting and feeling of the theme. So a disturbing theme shall be totally different. It’s simply that there is rather more content material on this one, but the process is almost the identical. Because it’s a street trip, you’ve gotten extra content material. Often we now have a theme, it’s a few second or a character or gameplay to create the kind of theme.

To wrap up, what does the theme of “household” imply for this title?

[RB] The family facet is actually necessary in this recreation, I feel it comes with schooling. Because if you consider it, what is it to teach somebody? Is it coming from the varsity, the family, a pal? In order that’s what we’re speaking about. Daniel will study from his brother, for positive, but in addition from everybody they met. So you need to be careful as an older brother, to know and to help him to choose good academics. It’s also about what’s family, actually? Is it a few family member, or a good friend? Are you able to be raised by a good friend, mother and father, grandparents. It was very fascinating to talk about that, for positive it’ll evolve in the next episode. What’s a household?

Life Is Strange 2
You need to present all the alternative ways we will study as humans, and from one another. Clearly, there’s such a thing as a faculty setting, but all of our learning doesn’t necessarily happen in class. Coming from a Hispanic cultural background, I used to be advised that blood kin take priority, but I’ve additionally discovered you can choose your family as nicely.

[RB] And I feel you’re proper, it’s just displaying that depending in your history, your tradition, differences in origin or religion, you possibly can have a unique feeling about all that, about family and friends. Like once they go go to their grandparents, you possibly can tell they don’t seem to be close instantly, however very quickly you possibly can see that as a result of it’s household, it helps lots. Typically family are shortly damaged and it’s unattainable to keep away from, so it does rely in your history. However I really like the feeling you’ve got in Episode 2, as a result of a lot of people have this sense with some family that simply because somebody is a part of your family is it easier. However typically you hate them, however typically it’s joyful because you might have this feeling of belonging.

Sure, family could be difficult [laughter]. Do you might have any open ended comments you’d like so as to add concerning the recreation, the method, and so forth?

[RB] It’s good to talk about all this, I hope the participant can be glad to proceed and to think about all these subjects for positive. Thank you.