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Famous Historical Figures That Actually May Not Have Ever Existed In The First Place

Famous Historical Figures That Actually May Not Have Ever Existed In The First Place

It’s been stated that meeting your private hero is a recipe for disappointment. In any case, the real-life individual can by no means stay up to the fantasy you’ve imagined them to be! But there’s something slightly more disappointing than discovering out your hero doesn’t tip the waitstaff, and that’s discovering that they never even existed in any respect.

Many of these historical heroes are family names for the deeds they did, the battles they gained, or the tales they shared. Many even shaped the cultures around them to such an extent that it’s unimaginable to consider they by no means really existed. Specialists have seemed on the evidence, nevertheless, and it appears these historic legends may be figments of artistic imaginations!

1. Nobody knows the place the basic story of King Arthur came from, however one factor is for certain: There in all probability by no means was a King Arthur. Some historians consider his story comes from historic Rome while others recommend it’s from fifth-century King Riothamus. 

2. The identify of Uncle Sam was based mostly on an precise guy, however the patriotically dressed man himself was a creation of the U.S. Army. He turned the figurehead of the armed forces throughout World Struggle I, and has been an icon ever since.

Three. Many theories recommend that the celebrated writer of The Odyssey merely gave himself credit for already-created tales. Others consider that “Homer” was really a gaggle of Greek scholars moderately than one individual. It feels like Homer was the world’s worst group player!

four. The mystery surrounding Jack the Ripper is as creepy as the man himself: The violent serial killer in the 1880s was never identified. He is recognized to have murdered 5 ladies, but the precise quantity is another mystery.

5. Very similar to the vigilante himself, the reality behind the legend of Robin Hood is troublesome to pin down. Some speculate that Robin Hood was based mostly on nobleman Fulk FitzWarin, whose 13th-century life shared similarities with the story of Robin Hood.

6. If the richest man on the earth didn’t depart behind a fortune, did he ever actually exist? Historians have questioned this for years, as they’ve detected nary a penny when it comes to King Solomon’s obvious wealth.

7. For someone who apparently by no means even existed, Confucius definitely gave us golden rules to stay by. The Chinese philosopher is assumed to have been created by Jesuit missionaries in the 16th century, however others consider he really lived. 

eight. Kunta Kinte’s highly effective story was popularized in the award-winning guide and TV collection Roots. Nevertheless, the guide’s sources don’t match up with history, which leaves several massive holes in the story that so many people maintain near their hearts. 

9. Outdoors of the Bible, there’s little proof to recommend that Moses existed to carry out his miracles. Sarcastically, nevertheless, the science behind the “miracles” might be explained. For instance, the parting of the Purple Sea was, apparently, a naturally occurring phenomenon. 

10. People ballads are born from arduous occasions, and that’s undoubtedly the case of the steel-driving (and imaginary) John Henry, who beat the steam drill in a battle of power. Staff back then weren’t very proud of the steam drill, hence the gloomy ballad. 

11. Homer’s The Iliad characterized Helen of Troy as probably the most lovely lady on the planet, but historians assume her beauty would be the thing of myths. There’s very little proof she even existed, furthering the idea that she’s merely a mythological character. 

12. Ought to historic army chief Sun Tzu actually get all the credit for creating the guidebook to conflict? Historians assume not, and some even consider that The Art of Struggle is definitely a set of army classes compiled over several generations.

13. Clearly, the Disney version of Mulan’s adventures that includes a wise-cracking dragon sidekick isn’t very true to life, but the Chinese legend may be just as false. Some individuals assume she’s based mostly on Wei Huahu, a female warrior with an analogous — but finally totally different — story. 

14. Mary Magdalene is called the reformed prostitute who turned Jesus’ closest disciple, however this story isn’t totally correct. The actual-life Mary in all probability wasn’t a prostitute, and since she died with none writings, very little is understood about her background. 

15. It’s clear by now that Homer’s writings shouldn’t be taken as reality, however that didn’t stop Odysseus from turning into a so-called “historical determine.” Nonetheless, a current discovery discovered that structural remains from the eighth century BC match up with Odysseus’ tale, so who knows?

16. Like most of the figures on this listing, even probably the most historical icons may be doubted on account of lack of proof. Muhammad is not any exception, although he’s typically credited as probably the most successful prophet who ever lived.

17. All that glitters is just not gold, as Shakespeare wrote — and the same may be true with the playwright himself. Some specialists assume the identify “Shakespeare” was a facade, or pen identify, for Edward de Vere, whose works have been revealed posthumously.

18. The story of William Tell has all of the makings of a folktale: Troublemaker shoots apple off of son’s head, learns a lesson about rule-breaking, and so on. Many historians agree that Inform by no means lived, since a very comparable Viking story also exists.  

19. Sorry, math-lovers, but there’s an opportunity the person behind the Pythagorean Theorem by no means existed. Historians have found zero proof that Pythagoras ever wrote something down, which makes it troublesome for them to credit his work.

20. We expect it’s protected to say that the majority mythological characters are imaginary, however that doesn’t cease individuals from speculating concerning the gold-thumbed man himself, King Midas. There’s no arduous evidence that he ever existed, however a hopeful few stay satisfied. 

Crazier nonetheless, even the historic figures we do find out about in all probability didn’t look anything like they appear in popular culture. Howard Carter’s 1922 discovery of King Tut’s tomb made his sarcophagus portrait an everlasting symbol. But he in all probability seemed quite totally different in real life.

A product of in depth inbreeding, Tut had numerous genetic defects. He only dominated Egypt for a few decade before both illness or an contaminated leg fracture led him to chew the dust.

2. Elizabeth I: Over her 44 years on the throne, this queen established herself as some of the dominant monarchs in Nice Britain’s historical past. Whereas many portraits of her are still in existence, the painters made her look barely younger.

Modern artist Mat Collishaw peeled back the aesthetic enhancements to build an animatronic face of Elizabeth I. The lifelike visage also consists of minor options typical of that period, including smallpox scars and wisps of facial hair.

3. Julius Caesar: After the famed Roman common installed himself as a dictator, monuments to him spread throughout the empire. His rule lasted for less than two years earlier than his assassination by the hands of the Senate.

In 2018, the Nationwide Museum of Antiquities in Leiden took a stab at recreating Caesar. Noticing key similarities in numerous busts — together with a peculiar bump on the prime of the top — they produced this somewhat disturbing mannequin of the overall.

Remko De Waal

four. George Washington: Earlier than and after his dying, pictures of this Founding Father have been in all places in American tradition. Nevertheless, as a consequence of a variety of inventive interpretations, two portraits of Washington can seem like totally totally different men.

Historians created an approximation of Washington’s true face based mostly on firsthand descriptions and the work of the extra trustworthy portraitists of the day. His most devoted followers persistently made observe of his tall stature and intense gaze.

5. Cleopatra: The love interest of Caesar ally Mark Antony, she had the tragic distinction of being the final ruler of Egypt earlier than it fell to Rome. Well-liked legend holds that the gorgeous queen took her own life by permitting an asp to chew her.

Nevertheless, our picture of her is essentially shaped by trendy magnificence standards. Based mostly on coin portraits from her lifetime, the actual Cleopatra possessed a big jaw and a outstanding hooked nostril.

6. Maximilien Robespierre: This guillotine-happy lawyer engineered the Reign of Terror through the French Revolution. After 17,000 women and men have been killed in this interval, Robespierre fell out of favor and paradoxically was executed himself.

Earlier than his burial, Robespierre’s executioners made a dying masks. A workforce of forensic pathologists used it to mould a lifelike portrait of the man in 2013. The recreation revealed many wrinkles and scars that Robespierre’s portraitist kindly overlooked.

7. Jesus: Curiously, no bodily descriptions of the founding father of Christianity exist within the Gospels or any non-biblical sources. Our fashionable conception of Jesus primarily comes from inventive renditions, which frequently give the Galilean overly European features.

In 2015, researchers analyzed the skulls of many grownup male Israelis of that period. Compiling the traits and features that the samples had in widespread, they generated a rough visible estimate of what Jesus might have seemed like.

8. Nefertiti: In contrast to Tutankhamun’s forgettable tenure as pharaoh, Nefertiti oversaw probably the most prosperous age of Historic Egypt. Many historians consider the queen disguised herself as a man to solidify her reign following her husband’s dying.

A mummy nicknamed “The Younger Woman,” excavated in 2003, might very nicely be the stays of Queen Nefertiti. Paleoartist Elisabeth Daynes later scanned the physique and crafted a Three-D likeness of the mother. Nonetheless, some historians insist it is another lady.

9. Johann Sebastian Bach: Probably the most influential composer of the Baroque interval, Bach penned over 1100 compositions over his lifetime. His physique was originally laid in an unmarked grave, but that modified 150 years later.

The New Classical FM

The German town of Leipzig moved his stays to a vault in St. Thomas Church, regardless of protests that that they had the improper body. Nevertheless, a lifelike facial mannequin based mostly on the cranium bears a exceptional similarity to the various portraits of Bach.

10. Augustus: After the dying of his great-uncle Julius Caesar, Octavian hunted down the assassins and styled himself as the primary Emperor of Rome. Renaming himself Augustus, he returned the empire to peace and prosperity.

Learnodo Newtonic

Trendy artists mixed busts of Augustus to supply this fairly boyish depiction of the good emperor. They based mostly his reddish hair on pigmentation from historic paintings of Octavian.

Taking a look at photographs of newer historic figures, it’s beautiful to understand that some have been good doppelgangers of recent celebrities. Early psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach, as an example, seems to be identical to Brad Pitt. And he’s not alone either…

Again within the 1800s, Matthew McConaughey had a secret double, and he seems to be alright, alright, alright. The important thing difference is that Matthew drives a Lincoln, whereas his old style doppelgänger voted for Lincoln.

That bearded man appears like he could possibly be Ellen DeGeneres’ great-grandfather, but he’s truly writer Henry David Thoreau! Ellen in all probability wouldn’t thoughts some alone day trip in the woods, however Thoreau wouldn’t fare too properly internet hosting a daytime speak show.

Eddie Murphy hasn’t appeared in too many films in recent times. Might it’s as a result of he’s busy traveling again in time? This image makes it appear to be a risk. These two guys might simply be buying and selling locations.

A lady named Shannon Welch shared a childhood photograph of her boyfriend on-line. That half isn’t too unusual, but what’s eerie is how his middle faculty self is a lifeless ringer for Natalie Portman.

Nicolas Cage owns numerous weird stuff: a pet octopus, a dinosaur skull, a few medieval castles. So it’s only fitting that he also needs to have a guy who seemed identical to him from 150 years ago.

Does Matt Damon have one thing to elucidate to his wife, Luciana? Luckily, Will Searching can relaxation straightforward in this case. That smiling stud on the left is nothing more than a man who’s the spitting picture of the A-list actor.

Lately, individuals know Alec Baldwin for spoofing Donald Trump, but he truly bears a a lot greater resemblance to another President — Millard Fillmore! The not-so-famous Fillmore served less than a full term, which is why most People don’t see the likeness.

Reddit / oxfordkentuckian

Maggie Gyllenhaal is descended from Swedish the Aristocracy, but she seems to be like she may be associated to Rose Wilder Lane. Daughter of Little House on the Prairie writer Laura Ingalls Wilder, Rose helped found the fashionable libertarian movement.

The King of Pop went via a ton of seems to be, so we will think about he “borrowed” a couple of from other individuals. Is it potential this portrait was Michael Jackson’s type muse? By no means say by no means in Neverland.

Bored Panda

It’s onerous to say what’s better, the truth that younger Leo DiCaprio has a lady lookalike, or that her identify is Judy Zipper? If Judy fell in love with Leo on the Titanic, we guess she would have made room for him on that floating door.

A Lannister all the time pays his debts, so Peter Dinklage shouldn’t thoughts emptying out his pockets for this beautiful portrait. Capturing the likeness of courtroom jester Sebastián de Morra, it might look right at residence on the set of Recreation of Thrones.

Listed here are two doppelgängers for the worth of one! Andy Samberg and Daniel Radcliffe found their carbon copies in this vintage pic, and it’s virtually arduous to consider. Perhaps Harry Potter cooked up another Polyjuice potion!

Gender-bending lookalikes are often probably the most impressive. One Redditor might hardly consider his eyes when he discovered an previous photograph of his mom that seemed uncannily like Barack Obama. Then again, she seems to have a much more adventurous hat collection.

Mark Zuckerberg reigns over his Facebook empire, so it’s solely becoming that he resembles a real-life monarch. He and King Philip IV of Spain share many options, although Mark lacks the outstanding Habsburg lip that characterised many royal European families.

When Christina Ostrom dug via previous household photographs, she got here across this gem of her grandparents, who appear to be Hugh Hefner and a a lot older Taylor Swift! Don’t find out about you, but they’re wanting 82.

Is that this what Jack Sparrow appeared like before he turned to piracy? In actuality, Michael William Johnstone shared this headshot of his grandfather, who was a lifeless ringer for Johnny Depp — however perhaps even more dapper.

We marvel what Justin Timberlake did before his solo profession, and we’re not talking about NSYNC. Based mostly of off this 1800s mugshot, we will’t assist however marvel if he had a profitable bank-robbing profession back in the day.

Numerous individuals try to discredit superstar lookalike photographs, however this image has the stamp of approval from the New York Public Library itself! Titled “Harlem Loiterers,” the 1939 image options the spitting picture of Jay-Z. Too dangerous Beyonce’s double is nowhere in sight!

Historical past buffs might acknowledge that congressman Thaddeus Stevens has the same look as well-known robust man Tommy Lee Jones. With that in thoughts, it’s no marvel that Steven Spielberg forged Jones to play Stevens in his historical masterpiece, Lincoln.

A wild and loopy man like Steve Martin has no drawback dressing up in wacky outfits, however he didn’t have to on this case! The figure on the left is definitely a lady from the Victorian Period. Though she appears lots like Steve, she would possible blush at lots of his jokes.