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21 Unanswered Questions ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Are Dying To Know After The Finale

21 Unanswered Questions ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Are Dying To Know After The Finale

Send a raven, because after eight seasons, numerous exciting moments, and sufficient twists to make your head spin, Recreation of Thrones has lastly come to an finish. It was a wild experience, to say the least, and although the ultimate season seemed to divide followers, you’ll be able to’t deny how enjoyable the journey was. But even with the story of GoT wrapped up, plenty of unanswered questions nonetheless stay.

While followers have been poking and prodding at plot holes for years now, it appears they’ve also unearthed a handful of inconsistencies — or perhaps odd writing selections — that not even the final episode might clarify. Barring a sequel to the beloved collection, it seems these questions will remain with out solutions perpetually. That’s, until you work them out for your self.

1. What occurred to the Dothraki: After inexplicably coming again to life after the Battle of Winterfell, the Dothraki seemingly disappeared after Dany’s dying. They’re by no means talked about again in the finale, and given their worry of the ocean, it’s unlikely they returned to their homeland.

2. Why is there still a Night time’s Watch: With the White Walkers extinct and the Wildlings not a menace, there’d be no logical purpose to maintain crows at Fort Black. Until this was all a ploy to permit Jon his freedom, the Night time’s Watch really not serves a function.

3. Did Jon confess to killing Dany: Drogon carried the body away, and there were no other witnesses to the homicide. How else would Grey Worm have recognized that it was Jon who committed the deed? This is able to’ve been an amazing scene to observe.

four. Will an elective monarchy deliver peace to Westeros: Lords and Women preventing for power finally tore the Seven Kingdoms aside. So now that anyone can throw his or her identify in the ring, gained’t more individuals be enjoying the deadly recreation of thrones?

5. What did the White Walker symbols imply: Within the very first episode, we study that the White Walkers take pleasure in leaving their victims behind in strange, symbol-like arrangements. However what do they mean? Even after the Night time King is defeated, there’s no rationalization as to why they have been leaving these symbols behind.

6. Why did the Night time King need to destroy the realms of males: The present establishes the Night time King’s motivation for attacking Westeros as the straightforward want to wipe out humanity, however why? Sure, he was created by the Youngsters to struggle the First Men, but certainly their motivation extended beyond decimation for decimation’s sake.

7. Why did Drogon melt the Iron Throne: Symbolically, this made sense. Logically? Not a lot. Being that Drogon is a dragon, it’d be ridiculous to imagine that he’d have the capacity to know that the Iron Throne was finally the reason for Dany’s dying.

eight. Did something ever come of Varys’ letters: We know how desperately Varys needed the individuals of Westeros to know Jon’s true id, but did his little birds ever ship the letters that finally value him his life? In the event that they did, Bran the Broken’s reign could possibly be rather a lot shorter than most thought.

9. What did Varys see in the flames: In Season 6, Varys and Tyrion meet with Purple Priestess Kinvara, who reveals that upon being castrated and having his “elements” forged in the hearth, Varys heard a voice that shook him to the core. Melisandre makes reference to this in Season 7, although we never study what the voice truly stated.

10. Can Brag warg into dragons: After learning of Drogon’s whereabouts, Bran is whisked off to see if he can “find” him. Does this suggest that Bran can warg into dragons, or is he simply utilizing his greenseeing talents to maintain tabs on the beast?

11. Where is Meera Reed: After leaving Bran at Winterfell in Season 7, Meera isn’t heard from once more. Some assume she perished through the Nice Struggle, though it’s attainable she might still be alive at her residence in Greywater Watch.

12. Why didn’t Jon return from exile after the Unsullied left Westeros: If the Unsullied have been just going to go away Westeros, he might’ve simply ridden to Winterfell a couple of months after Grey Worm and the others set sail for Naath. Was it a self-imposed exile?

13. Why didn’t Arya use her Faceless Man coaching after killing the Freys: With the power to turn out to be anyone at any moment, you’d assume Arya would’ve executed one thing sudden, like killed Cersei while sporting Jaime’s face. As an alternative, she put her training to make use of as soon as and then promptly forgot about it.

14. Who was “The Prince That Was Promised”: The prophecy of Azor Ahai was one followers have been wanting to see fulfilled in the remaining season. Properly, if it was, then we have been none the wiser. Was Arya “The Prince That Was Promised,” or was it Jon? Was it anyone at all?

15. Why didn’t the other kingdoms declare independence: Bran was very happy to allow the North its independence, so why didn’t Yara — who was promised independence to battle the lifeless — and the other houses do the same? They have been all somewhat too wanting to pledge their allegiance to the Damaged King.

16. Where is Drogon going: We study from Bran’s small council that Drogon is somewhere in Essos, though why he’s there’s never defined. Some have speculated that he sought to deliver Dany to her ancestral homeland of Valyria, although in all probability, he in all probability needed to return to his birthplace.

17. What occurred to Daario Naharis: We final see Daario in Season 6, where he’s left to keep the peace in Essos after Dany sails for Westeros. But with the dragon queen lifeless, is Daario now the ruler of her kingdom across the sea? And, most importantly, is he even still alive?

18. Can Bran see the longer term: While the show does trace at some degree of clairvoyance, the extent of Bran’s powers as the Three-Eyed Raven isn’t absolutely clarified. His sporadic visions appear to verify at the very least some capability to look into the longer term, but if he really might, why wasn’t he more concerned in preventing tragedy? Or was this what he needed?

19. The place is Jon main the wildlings: Why he’s leading the wildings back beyond the wall isn’t made clear. Will the Free People create their very own kingdom here? Will Jon finally be named King-Beyond-the-Wall?

20. When will the Iron Financial institution come to gather: As a way to rent the Golden Company and fund her warfare, Cersei took out an enormous mortgage from the Iron Bank of Braavos. The bank is understood for amassing no matter who sits on the throne, so will they arrive for Westeros’ new Master of Coin and make him pony up?

21. What was the point of Arya’s white horse: Apart from being a ham-handed metaphor for Demise, the sudden look of the white horse that led Arya from King’s Landing was just plain unnecessary. And to prime it off, the subsequent episode exhibits Arya’s wandering by way of the town’s ruins as if she’d never left.

Although we might never get an answer to these questions, there’s one factor we don’t should marvel about Recreation of Thrones: what went on behind the scenes. And by the look of this picture of Jaime Lannister blowing out his birthday candles, we will already inform that it was nothing like what we saw on display.

Entertainment Weekly

2. You in all probability gasped when Tommen threw himself from the Pink Hold in Season 6, though, fortunately, his real-life fall wasn’t a fantastic one. Utilizing the facility of TV magic, the crew was capable of make a three-foot leap appear to be a thousand-foot drop.

3. Oh, the irony! Not even the lads of the Night time’s Watch are resistant to the blistering cold. Maester Aemon and Ser Alliser Thorne seem to be having a good time with their umbrellas, although Jeor Mormont appears like he’d moderately be anyplace else.


four. What, you thought that was a actual dragon? While it might look like Daenerys is dealing with an actual creature on TV, she’s truly just manipulating a bunch of odd-looking green-screen dummies. This one might virtually move for the top of an enormous snake!

5. What kind of wildling can’t handle slightly snow? Tormund might come off as robust and rugged, but together with his bright-orange umbrella, he appears like a daily Mary Poppins. Perhaps now Brienne will see that he’s an enormous softy at coronary heart.

6. Positive, Arya saved the world when she defeated the Night time King, but we will’t overlook how superior it was when Lyanna Mormont toppled wight Wun Wun with a dagger to the attention. Even with actor Ian Whyte standing 7′ 1″, CGI was nonetheless needed to create the epic scene.

7. There doesn’t look like any “shaming” happening right here, as Lena Headey and Hannah Waddingham are all smiles on this photograph. Considering how much they despised each other on display, it’s onerous to consider these two would take such a goofy pic together.

8. Most people might watch the scene of Jon beating Ramsay Bolton to a pulp time and again, yet the best way this memorable second performed out in actual life wasn’t quite as satisfying. With the help of some quick digital camera cuts, it really seemed like Package Harrington was laying into him!

9. Not only can the Night time King increase his arms, experience a dragon, and throw ice spears, however he additionally is aware of the “hold unfastened” sign, too! Should you didn’t know any higher, you’d in all probability assume he was human — or, at the very least, was human…

Vladimír Furdík / Instagram

10. There’s no denying how awesome Dany seems whereas driving her dragons. In actual life? Not so much. As an alternative of an enormous winged beast, Emilia Clarke will get to “fly” this bizarre green-screen contraption when capturing her sky scenes.

11. Recreation of Thrones has a number of the greatest motion work on TV, but did you really assume big-name stars like Emilia Clarke and Peter Dinklage have been doing their own stunts? It’s in all probability for good cause, too: with all these pointy swords on set, someone would undoubtedly poke an eye fixed out.

SixthSedition / Reddit

12. Keep in mind biting your nails in suspense as Tormund and his wildling get together scaled the Wall in Season Three? Properly, right here’s some good news: it was all pretend. If their icepicks had given means, the actors would’ve been safely lowered to the floor by tethers.

13. Perhaps there was extra to Bran’s relationship with the Night time King than we thought. In any case, why would the Three-Eyed Raven’s sworn enemy be shielding him from the chilly? Time to start out up the “Bran is the Night time King” concept once once more.

14. It seems to be like Jon Snow is finally embracing his Targaryen bloodline, although did anybody hassle to inform him that he himself is just not truly a dragon? Flap your arms all you need — Drogon’s still acquired you beat!

@emilia_clarke / Instagram

15. Maintain the door? More like maintain the rock! A minimum of, that’s in all probability what Kristian Nairn was considering when Isaac Hempstead Wright dangled this small boulder over his head.

16. Let’s hope that’s not an actual child, because any infant pressured to stare into the face of the Night time King is certain to be scarred for life. And to make matters worse, that ice pedestal doesn’t seem like it has a lot back help both.

17. In mild of current occasions, it’s sort of surprising that Gwendoline Christie even agreed to this photograph with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. You’ll be able to’t just break a knight’s coronary heart and get away with it, Jaime Lannister!

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau / Instagram

18. Even a grasp swordsman like Ned Stark wanted a lesson or two when it got here to wielding his blade. You’d assume Sean Bean would’ve carried over some ideas from his time capturing The Fellowship of the Ring, though after 10 years away, he was in all probability still somewhat rusty. 

19. Youngsters might be youngsters — even if they’re the youngsters that may in the future come together to save lots of the complete realm. Hopefully, Alfie Allen isn’t hiding any aces up his sleeve, or else Maisie Williams may pull Needle on him…

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20. If Sean Bean didn’t know from the beginning that his character was going to be decapitated on the end of Season 1, then they undoubtedly advised him right earlier than this scene. The look on his face says all of it: “but everyone loves me! How can I be the primary to die?”

Whilst we venture behind the scenes, it’s straightforward to overlook that the characters we’ve come to know and love are real individuals, most of whom are also in very real relationships. Sophie Turner and singer Joe Jonas met in October of 2016 and secretly acquired married in Vegas 2.5 years later. She says their relationship actually helped together with her melancholy!

2. Package Harington & Rose Leslie: Whereas Jon and Ygritte’s passionate flame was extinguished, Package and Leslie remained more in love than ever. They acquired married in 2018 with almost the whole forged present. It’s the fairytale comfortable ending George R.R. Martin would have never written.

3. Maisie Williams: While the actress behind Arya was pretty open about her relationship together with her former classmate Ollie Jackson, the 2 appear to be taking slightly distance from each other. She also stated that [spoiler alert] her boyfriend thought Jon should have killed the Night time King. Yikes…

four. Iain Glen: We’re all very a lot aware of Ser Jorah’s infinite devotion to Daenerys, however in actual life, he’s only dedicated to his long-time companion, actress Charlotte Emmerson. He’s been fortunate enough to be together with her since 2005.

5. Peter Dinklage: The person behind the witty Tyrion Lannister married the love of his life in 2005: a theater director named Erica Schmidt. Collectively, they’ve two youngsters, although they refuse to tell the general public their names.

6. Alfie Allen: The Theon Greyjoy actor and brother of singer Lily Allen has had a girlfriend since 2016. She’s an American DJ and mannequin by the identify of Allie Teilz, they usually lately had a child together. 

7. Carice Van Houten: Carice, a.okay.a. the pink lady Melissandre may be Dutch, but she is not any stranger to the American film scene. She met Australian actor Man Pearce on the set of Brimstone and was expecting his baby soon after. 

8. Jason Mamoa: Who else but Khal Drogo can be greatest associates together with his wife, her ex-husband, and the daughter they share? One way or the other Jason managed to be welcomed with open arms by the Kravitzes when he started courting Lisa Bonet.

9. Iwan Rheon: We might all hate Ramsay, however you’ll be able to’t hate a sweetheart like Iwan! He at present lives in London with actress and director Zoë Grisedale, with whom he has one baby. 

10. Natalie Dormer: After 11 years collectively, Natalie and Peaky Blinders director Anthony Byrne sadly referred to as off their engagement in 2018. Properly, it’s undoubtedly better than marrying him and then poisoning his wine, proper Margaery?

11. Gwendoline Christie: Brienne of Tarth might have never been with a man, but Gwen positive has! She married dressmaker Giles Deacon in 2013, and we will see the fantastic affect he has had on her bold and flawless wardrobe she dons at each premiere.

12. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau: Sadly for Brienne, Ser Jaime is married, too! Properly, Danish actor Nikolaj is. His wife is a former Miss Greenland and at present a musician, with whom he shares two daughters. They should have acquired their daddy’s talent as a result of they are already appearing too!

13. Liam Cunningham: Others might make fun of the Onion Knight, but his spouse Collette must assume he’s pretty fantastic as a result of she’s had three youngsters of his. They seem to choose retaining their relationship fairly personal, however they nonetheless appear to be a cheerful couple.

14. Aiden Gillen: Although Petyr Baelish not carries a ring on his “little finger,” he seems to be fairly taken by his musical girlfriend Camille O’ Sullivan. She even pushed him out of his comfort zone by asking him to sing a duet together with her for a charity, which he did splendidly.

15. Jonathan Pryce: As one of many oldest actors on the show, Mr. Pryce, who portrays the Excessive Sparrow, has the longest-running relationship out of everybody. He met his spouse, Kate Fahy, again in ’72, though they didn’t get married till 2015, long after that they had 3 youngsters.

16. Jacob Anderson: Some know him as Grey Worm, while others know him as musician Raleigh Ritchie. Jacob met his girlfriend, actress Aisling Loftus, in 2014, and despite their careers retaining them very busy, the connection continues to be thriving.

17. Gemma Whelan: We’re sorry women, the lady behind Yara Greyjoy isn’t truly a lesbian. The truth is, Gemma Whelan gave start to her first child with associate Gerry Howell and even nursed her baby between Recreation Of Thrones takes. Seems to be like she is simply as robust a cookie as Yara.

18. Kristofer Hivju: Stop lusting after Brienne, Tormund, you’ve obtained a wife and three daughters back in Norway! Movie producer Gry Molvær Hivju has been married to Kristofer since 2015, however they’ve had youngsters together for for much longer than that.

19. Michiel Huisman: While fellow Dutchie Carice Van Houten is courting outdoors of her nationality, Michiel Huisman, or Daario, has been wed to Dutch singer Tara Elders since 2008, after she gave start to their daughter. They presently stay in NYC as expats, but still typically journey to the Netherlands.

20. Sean Bean: Ned Stark lives! And he’s married for the fifth time! He wed Ashley Moore in 2017, whom he met at a bar in London. Since Moore is just 33 years previous, Sean claims she brings lots of vibrancy into his life. This isn’t the first time he’s been somebody’s knight in shining armor though…

While out on the bar with model April Summers in 2011, Sean Bean, who portrayed the honorable Ned Stark, honorably chased a person down the street after he made impolite comments in the direction of his date. The person fled—at first.

When the person returned, Bean sentenced him to a butt-whoopin’—as Ned Stark stated, “the man who passes the sentence should swing the sword.” Although Bean was stabbed with a glass shard within the ensuing struggle, he sat at the bar afterward and ordered a drink.

21. Regardless of her mountains of Lannister gold as Cersei, actress Lena Headey reported insufferable monetary woes to courts after a 2012 divorce from her then-husband, Peter Loughran. Simply how dangerous was her state of affairs?

Based on stories, Headey had just $5 in her checking account—even after a yr on the show—during her divorce from Loughran, left, and paid for her two-year-old son’s, proper, dwelling bills with credit cards. Certainly the Iron Financial institution of Braavos had some accumulating they might have achieved on her behalf! 

22. Jerome Flynn also dated Lena Headey, who performs Cersei, briefly in 2002. To say the relationship ended poorly can be an understatement: the 2 can’t stand one another and producers maintain them apart at all costs—even if it means transforming scenes.

Through the season 7 finale, leaders of the Seven Kingdoms together with Cersei assembled to discuss the nation’s fate. Bronn opted to seize a drink with Poderick Payne as an alternative. This was the producers’ technique for retaining Headey and Flynn aside on set.

23. And while we’re talking Jerome Flynn, Ser Bronn of the Blackwater pledges allegiance to whoever pays him probably the most. In the mid-1990s, nevertheless, portraying actor Jerome Flynn stepped away from high-paying Hollywood for a far-from-lucrative motion…

By 1996, Flynn rebuked Hollywood high rises for a commune as he turned swept up in the EnlightenNext religious movement led by Andrew Cohen. He traveled the world sharing Cohen’s writings with all who would pay attention. Ultimately, he left the movement.

24. Package Harington’s mother and father named him Christopher after the British playwright Christopher Marlowe, however know-nothing Jon Snow didn’t know that. Truly, for a very long time, he didn’t know his identify was Chris at all.

It was at age 11 he finally found his true identify wasn’t Package. “That was type of a bizarre existential crisis for an 11-year-old to have,” he stated. “But in the long run, I all the time caught with Package, because I felt that’s who I used to be.”

25. Like Tyrion Lannister, early ’90s Peter Dinklage “was pretty indignant” at life generally. Fortunately, the longer term actor channeled his frustration into something healthier than a crossbow bolt to his father’s chest.

 Dinklage sang and played the cornet for a punk band referred to as Whizzy. One reviewer described the band as “a spectacle of sardonic yet optimistic folly to which you’ll be able to’t assist but dance.”

26. Conspirators, slave merchants, and indignant Dothraki couldn’t kill Daenerys Targaryen, but tabloids in 2013 reported that a secret medical situation virtually did in actress Emilia Clarke.

In response to studies, just as Clarke finished her run on Broadway in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” under, she suffered a mind aneurysm. “Everyone was so scared for her,” a supply stated. If the rumor’s true, she obviously made a full recovery—but she little question wanted a soothing tub afterward!

27. Brienne of Tarth dedicated a number of seasons of tv and a whole e-book in pursuit of “a highborn maid with blue eyes and auburn hair” and gutting those in her means. However actress Gwendolyn Christie doesn’t present an identical dedication to discovering out… her personal age. 

Yeah, the lady behind the 6-foot-3 warrior doesn’t understand how previous she is (estimates put her in her 30s). Her mother by no means bothered to keep monitor, and she or he’s by no means tried getting to the bottom of it; she in all probability didn’t get those figurines pictured under at a party.

28. Between the third and 4th seasons of Recreation of Thrones, producers re-cast Daario Naharis, replacing Ed Skrein, left, with Michiel Huisman, proper (regardless of them wanting nothing alike). Individuals assumed Skrein left because he took a task in The Transporter Refueled—but the actor claimed otherwise.

“My plan was to stick with Recreation of Thrones for the lengthy haul,” Skrein stated. “That was all the time my plan. I might have beloved to… but politics led to us parting methods.” Skrein, it appears, couldn’t deal with the game of thrones played on the set of Recreation of Thrones.