Excellent Tips for a Modern Retro Living Room Design & Decoration

Are you wondering how to spice up your living room with trendy designs and decorations? With minimal styling and a blend of texture and modern décor touch, you can make your living room look gorgeous. This article will refresh you with mind-blowing ideas to design or decorate your living room.

Blend in nature in your living room

you could furnish your home with eco-friendly designs and still have that gloomy look. Nature can be found in many things, like;

  • There are crafted pieces of work that represent nature, such as animal crafting and plants.
  • Flowers; You can use flowers to decorate your living room.
  • Bamboo; It can be used for flooring the house or at the window as decoration. You can also go for the bamboo seats and table.
  • Leather; It can be used in designing beautiful coaches.

Hang artworks

There is a wide range of artistic work that can help decorate, such as portraits, paintings, craft animals, and trees. Depending on your interest, consider decorating your living room.

Proper lighting

You can also consider using LED lights to light up the shelves or even the living room ceiling; you can use side table lamps or floor lamps to optimum lighting. You can install huge windows for good natural light.

Use mirrors

Mirrors will make your room look spacious. You can mount mirrors on your walls or the roof ceiling, or the sides.


Color is a beautiful décor for every home. You can set a theme color that is welcoming and achieve a radiant look that fits what you are looking for in a living room’s styling.

Use modern furniture

Every home requires the beauty of furniture, and the quality you use matters in bringing you a perfect and stylistic home.

Best Interior Blog Posts to Follow Now

Studies show that most Americans spend most of their time indoors. If you are a design lover and would want to get inspired by professional home designers, you would have to commit as a faithful interior design blog follower. By doing this, you are able to benefit from the best interior design ideas which will be of huge help as you prepare to decorate your home. Below are some of the interior design blogs that will help you get started on your mission to making your perfect home.

Importance of Interior Design Blog Posts

Before I jump right into interior design blog posts that will help you come up with the best interior designs, let me walk you through some of the benefits you enjoy by visiting an interior design blog post.

Design comfortable spaces

Aesthetics are quite big when it comes to houses. There is a huge effect that comes with home appearance. Interior design blog posts are important as they help us study the emotions that can be achieved through colors. Colors are specifically capable of bringing the most comfortable atmosphere to the room. Blog posts will help you choose the right colors for socialization, your bedroom, and your accent walls.

Create functional rooms

The look and appearance of any room are very important, but you may not enjoy it if the room is not functional. Lack of particularity can make the room feel like a museum. The importance of interior décor blog posts is that they will help you make the best of particular spaces whether your live in a small or large apartment.

Best Interior Design Blogs to Bookmark

Coco Kelley

Coco Kelley is generally considered to be an overall stunner. The blog was created in 2007 by Cassandra Lavelle. It contains striking pictures of interiors that are fun and inspiring to look at. Coco Kelley also benefits the visitors by providing entertaining tips and fashion. The effortless designs in Coco Kelley will keep you coming back for more.

Decorilla Interior Design Blog

If you are interested in the latest design trends in the market today, Decorilla ensures that you are fully covered. Visiting the blog is the same as getting into the head of a professional designer. With Decorilla, you are promised to find the most affordable interior designer near you.

Amber Interiors

The good thing about Amber interiors is that she has an eye for interior design and fashion that will match your lifestyle. She is an interior designer residing in California. Her interior designs will breathe life into your house.


Interior design is not complete without new furniture to match the décor. By designing your home, you want to make sure that you have purchased quality furniture. At Tylko, you are able to browse through the vast number of furniture available and choose the one that meets your needs: https://journal.tylko.com

Scandinavian Interior Design – Principles & Ideas

If you like straightforwardness and simplicity then Scandinavian design might turn out to be your thing. This style celebrates natural light and it is known for its function and connection to the outdoors. The appeal of the Scandinavian design is quickly spreading throughout the world. We have rounded up a few tips that you can use to nail this design. So keep reading!

Mix textures

Having a clean living room with white and gray colors with clean lined furniture can be a typical Scandinavian living room but this room if left like this without some texture might feel uninviting and cold. Adding a little bit of texture magically transforms the room and makes it to be more striking. A cozy mix of textures like sheepskin and a kilim rug will add warmth and make the room to be more inviting.

Minimal bursts of color

Bursts of color are not a prominent feature in the Scandinavian design but when used, they are often small bursts or bright hues. For instance, for neutral colored rooms, you can opt to use brightly colored rugs and a little bit of sharp bursts of color in your artwork. For more inspiration and tips checkout https://journal.tylko.com/style-meets-comfort-8-principles-of-scandinavian-interior-design/

You can add contrast

Creating contrast in your space is the hallmark of the Scandinavian design. For instance if you have an all-white living room, you can choose to add dark furniture that will create a dramatic and impactful statement. Also, use modern furniture to create a beautiful contrast with ornate architectural designs.

Make it cozy

Make your space as comfortable and cozy as you possibly can. This can be done using cozy furniture like sofas with some cozy throw on pillows. You can also add fluffy rugs to give your room that cozy feeling.

Use colorful art

Colorful art is rarely used in Scandinavian design but when used, it is usually graphic multiples. If you choose to use colorful art, make sure that you keep everything else in that room simple. For instance, you can use simple furniture along with a neutral colored room to get this design right. Don’t forget to add some candles and you can go for a simple candle holder for that beautiful hygge style.

Other tips to consider

  • Choose muted colors
  • Don’t forget to add some plants for that magical touch
  • Add some leather pieces to your living room
  • Use light wood